Thirteenth Workshop on Costs and Assessment in Psychiatry


Venice Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista
March 24-26, 2017


FRIDAY, March 24, 2017


5.30p.m.  –  6.30p.m.       REGISTRATION

6.30p.m.                            OPENING SESSION

                                           WILLARD MANNING AWARD                

SATURDAY, March 25, 2017




·       Dominic Hodgkin, Sharon Reif, Maureen Stewart, Beth Mohr, Constance Horgan (USA): Target Attainability and Provider Response in Pay-For-Performance: Evidence from Substance Use Disorder Treatment.

·       John Hsu, Mary Price, Dost Ongur, Vicki Fung (USA): Accountable Care Organizations and Beneficiaries with Severe Mental Illnesses.

·       Rowena Jacobs, Lauren Aylott, Tim Doran, Simon Gilbody, Maria Goddard, Hugh Gravelle, Nils Gutacker, Panos Kasteridis, Tony Kendrick, Christoph Kronenberg, Anne Mason, Ceri Owen, Nigel Rice, Najma Siddiqi, Rachael Williams (UK): Do Care Plans Influence Admissions and Mortality for People With Serious Mental Illness (SMI)? A Survival Analysis of Linked Primary and Secondary Care Data in England.


Discussant: Benjamin Lê Cook (USA)     E-mail:



·       Michael T. French, Isabelle Beulaygue, and Philip K. Robins (USA): Non-Cognitive Traits, Self-Rated Health Status, and Mental Health: Are Good Looks, a Pleasant Personality, and Proper Grooming Associated with Better Health Outcomes.

·       Karoline Mortensen, Michael T. French, Andrew Timming (USA): Are Tattoos Associated with Self-perceived Health and Mental Health?          

·       Judit Simon, Agata Łaszewska, Eva Leutner, David Churchman, Susanne Mayer (Austria): Inter-country Transferability of the OxCAP-MH Well-being Questionnaire.


Discussant: Yong Yi Lee (Australia)   E-mail:




·       Christelle Gastaldi-Menager, Jérôme Drouin, Laurence Pestel, Anne Cuerq, Solène Samson, Sébastien Rivière, Marjorie Mazars, Claude Gissot, Anne Fagot-Campagna (France): Economic Burden of Mental Health Disorders in France in 2014: A Top-Down Allocation of Health Care Expenditure Using the French Health Insurance Database (SNIIRAM).

·       Kasper van Mens, B.G. Tiemens,  R.T.J.M Janssen, J. Lokkerbol (NL): A Cost-Effectiveness Approach to Evaluate a System Change in Mental Healthcare in the Netherlands.

·       Rebecca Addo, Samuel Agyei Agyemang, Justice Nonvignon (Australia, Ghana): The Economic Burden of Caregivers of Severe Mentally Ill Patients in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA): A Systematic Review.

·       Sebastian Rosenberg, Luis Salvador Carulla (Australia): But are we Really Helping?  25 years of Accountability for Mental Health in Australia.


Discussant: Carolyn Dewa (USA)     E-mail:



·       Carolyn S. Dewa, Karen Nieuwenhuijsen, Judith K. Sluiter (USA): How Does the Presence of High Need for Recovery Affect the Association Between Perceived High Chronic Exposure to Stressful Work Demands and Work Productivity Loss?

·       Wenjing Tao, Patrick Richard, Darrell J. Gaskin (USA): The Impact of Poor Mental Health on Labour Market Participation in Low-Income American Men.

·       Donna D. McAlpine and Sirry Alang (USA): The Impact of Economic Recession on Employment among Persons with Mental Health Problems.

·       Barry Watson and Lars Osberg (Canada): Healing or Breaking? The Mental Health Implications of Repeated Economic Insecurity.


Discussant: Michael French (USA)     E-mail:




·       Kaying Kan, Joran Lokkerbol, Frederike Jörg, Ellen Visser, Robert Schoevers, Talitha Feenstra (NL): Treatment Costs in Secondary and Tertiary Mental Health Care in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder.

·       Linda Beckman, Laura von Kobyletzki, Mikael Svensson (Sweden): Determinants of Antidepressants Use and Economic Costs: A Population Based Study.

·       Frédérique C. W. van Krugten, Maartje Goorden, Meriam Kaddouri, Anton J. L. M. van Balkom, Henricus G. Ruhé, Digna J. F. van Schaik, Patricia van Oppen, Leona Hakkaart-van Roijen (NL): Feasibility, Reliability and Validity of the Decision Tool Unipolar Depression (DTUD) in Identifying Patients with Major Depressive Disorder in Need of Highly Specialized Care.


Discussant: Carolyn Mortensen (USA)     E-mail:




·       Daniel de Araujo Roland (UK): A Longitudinal View on the Effects of ADHD on Life Outcomes – Evidence from the UK.

·       Claire de Oliveira, Joyce Cheng, Paul Kurdyak (Canada): The Long Arm of Childhood Mental Health on Adult Outcomes.

·       Ashleigh Miatello, Gillian Mulvale, Christina Roussakis (Canada): Using Experiences to Improve Transitions from Youth to Adult Mental Health Services: Understanding the Perspectives and Values of Youth, Family Members and Service Providers for Improving Care Processes.

·       Gillian Mulvale, Christina Roussakis, Christopher Canning, Despina Papadodoulos, Francine Knoops (Canada). Knowledge Mobilization and Mental Health Policy: Lessons from the Canadian Consensus Conference on the Mental Health of Emerging Adults.


Discussant: Joran Lokkerbol (NL)     E-mail:



·       Benjamin Lê Cook, Nicholas J. Carson, E. Nilay Kafali, Anne Valentine, Juan David Rueda, Sarah Coe-Odess, Susan Busch (USA): Examining Psychotropic Medication Use among Youth in the U.S. by Race/Ethnicity and Psychological Impairment.

·       Yong Yi Lee, Jan J Barendregt, Emily A Stockings, Alize J Ferrari, Harvey A Whiteford, Cathrine Mihalopoulos (Australia): The Population Cost-Effectiveness of Universal and Indicated School-Based Interventions to Prevent Major Depression Among Children and Adolescents in the Australian Population..

·       Gillian Mulvale, Brieanne Olibris, Soo Chan Carusone,  Elizabeth Lin, Michelle Domonchuk-Whalen, Kathleen Whittaker (Canada): Policy and Program Barriers and Facilitator to Advancing Collaborative Family-Centered Care for Complex Child and Youth Mental Health Across Multiple Organizations.


Discussant: Leona Hakkaart-van Roijen (NL)     E-mail:




·       Marisa Elena Domino, Joe Morrissey, Alex Gertner, Brigid Grabert, Gary Cuddeback (USA): Do Timely Mental Health Services Reduce Recidivism Among Prison Releases with Severe Mental Illness?

·       Sirry Alang and Donna McAlpine (USA): Pathways to Mental Health Care and Perceived Effectiveness of Treatment.

·       Vivek Benegal and Girish Rao (India): Alcohol Misuse and Harms to Others in Urban India, with Special Reference to Harms from Drinking Strangers


Discussant: Sebastian Rosenberg (Australia)     E-mail:



·       Anne Neumann, Roman Kliemt, Enno Swart, Dennis Häckl, Denise Küster, Stefanie March, Katrin Arnold, Jessika Weiß, Andrea Pfennig, Jochen Schmitt (Germany): Health Economic Evaluation of a National Model Project in Psychiatric Care in Germany.

·       Judit Harangozó, György Purebl, Róbert Wernigg, Gábor Menkó, András Sümegi (Hungary): The ‘Five Star’ Model for the Evaluation and Dissemination of Good Practices in Mental Health in Hungary.

·       Miguel Xavier, Alvaro de Carvalho, Pedro Mateus (Portugal): Managing Non-Organic Psychotic Disorders in Portugal: Lessons From a Time-Series Analysis.

·       Urban Markström, Maria Fjellfeldt, Mona Eklund (Sweden): Implementing Freedom of Choice System in Community Mental Health Services.


Discussant: Reinhold Kilian (Germany)     E-mail:  



·       Clifton M. Chow, Joran Lokkerbol, H. Stephen Leff (USA): Cost-utility of Healthcare Systems Targeting Patients with Serious Mental Illness in the United States.

·       Helga K. Ising, Joran Lokkerbol, Judith Rietdijk, Sara Dragt, Rianne M. C. Klaassen, Tamar Kraan, Nynke Boonstra, Dorien H. Nieman, David P. G. van den Berg, Don H. Linszen, Lex Wunderink, Wim Veling, Filip Smit, Mark van der Gaag (NL): Cost-effectiveness of Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Preventing First-episode Psychosis in People with Ultra-High Risk.

·       Reinhold Kilian, Annabel Mueller-Stierlin, Katrin Herder, Marina Julia Helmbrecht, Julia Walendzik, Marco Holzmann,  Matthias Schuetzwohl, Thomas Becker (Germany): The Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of an Integrated Mental Health Care Programme in Comparison to Standard Psychiatric Care in Germany.

·       Anns Finnes, Pia Enebrink, Kimmo Sorjonen, Filippa Sampaio, Ata Ghaderi, Anna Nager, Inna Feldman (Sweden):  Health economic evaluation of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and a Workplace Intervention for Workers on Sickness Absence.


Discussant: Jeffrey Hoch (USA)     E-mail: 




·       Richard Ssegonja, Charlotte Pihl, Niklas Zethraeus, Sophie Langenskiöld (Sweden): How Robust are Economic Evaluations of Parenting Programs for Managing Conduct Disorder? A Systematic Literature Review.

·       Christina L. Hackett, Young Jung, Gillian Mulvale, Laura Mills, Vaughn Dowie (Canada): Evaluating the Effectiveness and Social Return on Investment of the Pine River Institute: An Intensive Mental Health and Addiction Program for Young People.

·       Young-Eun Choi, Jae-Young Lim (South Korea): Measuring over-medication for ADHD by Physicians in the United States.

·       Tracy Yuen, Melissa Carter, Peter Szatmari, Wendy J. Ungar (Canada): Cost-Effectiveness of Clinical Genome and Exome Sequencing in Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Discussant: John Dickerson (USA)     E-mail:




·       Jeffrey S. Hoch,  Carolyn S. Dewa (USA): How the Costing Perspective Affects Cost-Effectiveness Estimates of Early Psychosis Intervention Programs.

·       Carmen Dirksen, Silvia Evers (NL): Towards Standardization of Economic Evaluations in the Field of Youth: Setting a Research Agenda.

·       Yong Yi Lee, Emily A Stockings, Long Khanh-Dao Le, Cathrine Mihalopoulos, Jan J Barendregt (Australia): A Method to Convert Continuous Measures of Effect Size Based on Depression Symptom Rating Scales into Relative Risk Outcomes.


Discussant: Marisa Domino (USA)     E-mail:


·       Chuck Ingoglia & Mohini Venkatesh (USA): Community-Based Behavioral Health Readiness for New Financing Mechanisms.

·       Melissa Rosen (USA): Estimating the Costs of Prescription Drug Plan Switching among Individuals with Mental Illness

·       Timo R. Lambregts, René C.J.A. van Vliet (NL): The Impact of Copayments on Mental Healthcare Utilization in the Netherlands: a Natural Experiment.

·       Marco Riguzzi, Marcel Dettling, Patrick Keller, Simon Wieser (Switzerland): Prospective Payment for Inpatient Psychiatric Care. A System to be Developed for Switzerland.


Discussant: John Hsu (USA)     E-mail:


SUNDAY, March 26, 2017




·       Christa Straßmayr,Michael Berger, Florian Endel,  Heinz Katschnig (Austria): The Influence of Health System, Provider Payment and Data Reporting Mechanisms on Psychiatric Re-Hospitalisation Rates Derived from Routine Health Care Databases: A Comparison of Six European Countries.

·       Christine Y. Lu, Robert B. Penfold, Sengee Toh, Jessica L. Sturtevant, Jeanne M. Madden, Gregory Simon, Brian Ahmedani, Gregory Clarke, Karen J Coleman, Laurel A. Copeland, Yihe Daida, Robert L. Davis, Enid M. Hunkeler, Ashli Owen-Smith, Marsha A. Raebel, Rebecca Rossom, Stephen B. Soumerai, Martin Kulldorff (USA): Near Real-Time Surveillance for Consequences of Health Policies Using Sequential Analysis.

·       Steven S. Sharfstein (USA): The Crisis in Psychiatric Hospital Beds.


Discussant: Rowena Jacobs (UK)     E-mail:



·       Weiyang Kong, Shelley Phipps (Canada): Parental Economic Insecurity and Children's Non-Cognitive Skills: A Panel Study of 2 To 5-Year-Olds in Canada.

·       John F. Dickerson, F.L. Lynch, G. Clarke, V.R. Weersing, S.D. Hollon, D. Brent, W. Beardslee, T.R.G. Gladstone, G. Porta, L. DeBar, J. Garber (USA): Five-Year Cost-Effectiveness of Preventing Depression in At-Risk Adolescents.

·       Jennifer Tennant and Wahid Khan (USA): On Mental Health, Bullying, and Weight Perception..

·       Fabian Lenhard, Richard Ssegonja, Erik Andersson, Inna Feldman, Christian Rück, David Mataix-Cols, Eva Serlachius (Sweden): Cost-effectiveness of therapist-guided Internet-delivered Cognitive Behavior Therapy for pediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.


Discussant: Gillian Mulvale (Canada)     E-mail:




·       John Hsu, Mary Price, Dost Ongur, Vicki Fung (USA): Whither Do The Voices Call: An All-Payer Claims Database Examination of First Episode Psychosis.

·       Vicki Fung, Mary Price, John Hsu (USA): Price Responsiveness to Psychiatric and Medical Drugs and Adverse Clinical Events among Patients with Serious Mental Illness.

·       Julian Perelman, Pedro Chaves, Maria Ana Matias (Portugal): An Innovative Payment Model for the Portuguese Mental Health System.

·       Dan Cohen (NL): Technological Innovations Help to Combat Clozapine Underprescription and Reduce Mental Health Costs at the Same Time.


Discussant: Dominic Hodgkin (USA)     E-mail:

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