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The Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics
Volume 1, Issue 1, 1998.

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 1-2  Editorial
Massimo Moscarelli, Agnes Rupp
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Published Online: 4 Dec 1998
 3-13  Mental health costs and outcomes under alternative capitation systems in Colorado: early results
Joan R. Bloom, Teh-wei Hu, Neal Wallace, Brian Cuffel, Jackie Hausman, Richard Scheffler
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Published Online: 4 Dec 1998

 15-22  Issues in the design of studies for the economic evaluation of new atypical antipsychotics: the ESTO study
M.F. Drummond, M.R.J. Knapp, T.P. Burns, K.D. Miller, P. Shadwell
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Published Online: 4 Dec 1998

 23-29  Cost benefits of substance abuse treatment: an overview of results from alcohol and drug abuse
Harold D. Holder
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Published Online: 4 Dec 1998

 31-40  Relating personnel costs in special care units and in traditional care units to resident characteristics
Douglas Holmes, Jeanne A. Teresi
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Published Online: 4 Dec 1998

 41-49  Cost-effectiveness of SSRIs: a European perspective
Alan Stewart
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Published Online: 4 Dec 1998

 51-53  Abstracts Translations (Russian)
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Published Online: 4 Dec 1998

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