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The Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics
Volume 1, Issue 2, 1998.

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 55-62  Economics and ethics in mental health care: traditions and trade-offs
Daniel Chisholm, Alan Stewart
Abstract     PDF Full Text (Size: 65K)    
Published Online: 4 Dec 1998

 63-71  The economic benefits of supported employment for persons with mental illness
Robin E. Clark, Bradley J. Dain, Haiyi Xie, Deborah R. Becker, Robert E. Drake
Abstract     PDF Full Text (Size: 85K)    
Published Online: 4 Dec 1998

 73-76  A partial solution: a local mental health authority for the UK
Trevor R. Hadley, Howard H. Goldman
Abstract     PDF Full Text (Size: 33K)    
Published Online: 4 Dec 1998

 77-87  Factors influencing informal care-giving
Ann M. Holmes, Partha Deb
Abstract     PDF Full Text (Size: 96K)    
Published Online: 4 Dec 1998

 89-100  Physician knowledge, financial incentives and treatment decisions for depression
Roland Sturm, Kenneth B. Wells
Abstract     PDF Full Text (Size: 137K)    
Published Online: 4 Dec 1998

 101-104  Abstracts translations (Russian)
Ella Rytik
    PDF Full Text (Size: 415K)    
Published Online: 4 Dec 1998

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