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The Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics
Volume 1, Issue 3, 1998.

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 105-107  Editorial
Massimo Moscarelli, Agnes Rupp
    PDF Full Text (Size: 23K)    
Published Online: 4 Dec 1998

 109-117  Cost-effectiveness of antidepressant medications
Thomas W. Croghan, Catherine A. Melfi, William E. Crown, Anita Chawla
Abstract     PDF Full Text (Size: 68K)    
Published Online: 4 Dec 1998

 119-127  Interactions between use of and insurance for specialty ambulatory mental health services
Marc P. Freiman
Abstract     PDF Full Text (Size: 61K)    
Published Online: 4 Dec 1998

 129-134  Mental health and substance abuse parity: a case study of Ohio's state employee program
Roland Sturm, William Goldman, Joyce Mcculloch
Abstract     PDF Full Text (Size: 46K)    
Published Online: 4 Dec 1998

 135-146  Mental health parity: what are the gaps in coverage?
Samuel H. Zuvekas, Jessica S. Banthin, Thomas M. Selden
Abstract     PDF Full Text (Size: 102K)    
Published Online: 4 Dec 1998

 147-149  Abstracts translations

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Published Online: 4 Dec 1998

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