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The Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics
Volume 1, Issue 4, 1998.

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 151-152  Editorial
Massimo Moscarelli, Agnes Rupp
    PDF Full Text (Size: 13K)    
Published Online: 29 Jan 1999

 153-159  Parity for mental health and substance abuse care under managed care
Richard G. Frank, Thomas G. Mcguire
Abstract     PDF Full Text (Size: 101K)    
Published Online: 29 Jan 1999

 161-172  Mental health, absenteeism and earnings at a large manufacturing worksite
Michael T. French, Gary A. Zarkin
Abstract     PDF Full Text (Size: 81K)    
Published Online: 29 Jan 1999

 173-187  Child outpatient mental health service use: why doesn't insurance matter?
Sherry Glied, A. Bowen Garrett, Christina Hoven, Maritza Rubio-Stipec, Darrel Regier, Robert E. Moore, Sherryl Goodman, Ping Wu, Hector Bird
Abstract     PDF Full Text (Size: 105K)    
Published Online: 29 Jan 1999

 189-198  The public sector and mental health parity: time for inclusion
Michael F. Hogan
Abstract     PDF Full Text (Size: 262K)    
Published Online: 29 Jan 1999

 199-204  The role of mental health service research in promoting effective treatment for adults with schizophrenia
Anthony F. Lehman
Abstract     PDF Full Text (Size: 44K)    
Published Online: 29 Jan 1999

 205-207  Commentary
Darrel A. Regier
Abstract     PDF Full Text (Size: 30K)    
Published Online: 29 Jan 1999

 209  Cost-Outcome Methods for Mental Health. By William A. Hargreaves, Martha Shumaway, The-wei Hu, and Brian Cuffel. San Diego: Academic Press, 1998
William S. Cartwright
Abstract     PDF Full Text (Size: 8K)    
Published Online: 29 Jan 1999

 219-223  Abstracts translations
Ella Rytik
    PDF Full Text (Size: 411K)    
Published Online: 29 Jan 1999

  Research Grants
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